“March Against Sharia”

Posted by Edward Durfee at June 1, 2017


June 10, 2017 @ 10:00 – 14:00 America/New York Timezone
Foley Square
111 Worth Street
111 Worth St, New York, NY 10013

A message from our Founder, Stewart Rhodes

A strong showing by us is important since Antifa and the communists are targeting these rallies/marches on June 210, AND they are actively seeking “assistance” from Muslim “activists” which adds another element of threat in addition to the usual Antifa antics of trying to assault people with fists, clubs, pepper spray, bike locks, saps, rocks, bricks, etc. Remember it was at a Pamela Gellar “Draw Mohamed” free speech event in 2015 that two Muslim extremists traveled all the way from Phoenix, AZ and tried to go on a shooting spree but where promptly shot dead by police. An alert officer made the difference when he wounded the gunmen, who were then finished off by the SWAT team.

I think we are all justifiably confident that the NYPD will be very proactive and effective at shutting down Antifa’s usual nonsense, but it is the deadly force threat, such as from a suicide bomber like the one in Manchester, England, or gunmen like in Garland, that will still be a very real threat. Our extra eyes and ears on scene can help make it harder for a terrorist or a team of them to infiltrate the event and attack. And because the bad guys will know we will be there, and because they fear us and respect the competence of our police and military veterans (they hate us, but also fear us), it adds one more layer of doubt and complexity for any plans they may have to attack. I always make it a point to say that for every Oath Keeper present who is easily identifiable with OK gear on, there is at least one other who is not easily identifiable (whether that is true or not in that particular circumstance, it makes them worry). And the bad guys know our current serving and retired cops can and do carry guns, even in extremely prohibitive environments like Berkeley, CA (where we had seven armed current serving and retired LEO Oath Keepers in the park), and in NYC (LEOSA is a beautiful thing). When they see us, they don’t know which Oath Keeper is a retired cop who could be carrying a gun (which is why it is always good to wear clothing that keeps them guessing on who is carrying and who isn’t). They also know we have many military combat veterans in our group, and again, while they hate all such veterans, they also fear them. Makes for a nice mind F for them.

And by us being present, we can help shape the behavior of people on our side for the better, and keep any hot-heads in check, and identify any potential nuts or problem children who are already in the event “on our side.” we have seen that across the country now when we do security operations at such public events (in DC for the inauguration, twice in Berkeley, in New Orleans, in Boston, in Harrisburg, PA, and in Pikeville, Kentucky, us that our presence has a positive effect on helping the event organizers run a better event, helping the cops by being liaisons between the patriots and the police, and by providing mature, calm leadership and advice to the patriots to keep them from doing anything stupid (or at least lessen the likelihood). Several times at Berkeley we calmed people down within our lines and dialed them back before they made mistakes that could have led to their arrest, and we saw that again in Boston, where our cops (including Matt and Bret, along with Dana from CT) helped keep patriots from crossing the line, and also kept them back far enough so the Boston PD could do their job. And by us stepping up at these events, we now have a very good reputation (building on the one we already had from Ferguson, MO) of competency and effectiveness, as well as the respect of patriots who see us stepping up to lead from the front. We are now getting requests for assistance with security at events across the nation, and by doing so, we will be on scene to shape the outcome for the better.

 Special Forces has a motto that they don’t dominate the battlespace (there’s not enough of them) but they shape it. 

We are in a similar position. We don’t have the numbers to dominate any event, but we can shape it by providing sound advice, mentorship, and leadership on the ground. The SF model of being the respected advisors on the ground works (which is why it is the basis for our CPT program). You can’t shape what happens if you are not there.

And by us being there, stepping up in a very meaningful way, we can also influence the organizers to keep out the racist neo-nazis such as Richard Spencer of NPI, and Nathan Domigo of Evropa (both notorious white nationalists) and their followers who have tried to worm there way into nearly every high profile event since Trump’s election. In addition, by us being there, in the respected roll of the protectors AGAINST the American flag burning, communist flag flying, cop hating leftist terrorists, we win hearts and minds of the current serving cops who can clearly see who is the real threat to them and who really has their back. They know, which is why 90% of them face out toward Antifa and don’t mind us being behind them.

You want to counter the smear by NY leftist bureaucrats that we are a threat to cops? Be seen standing up against real terrorists, shoulder to shoulder with the local police. And take that opportunity to tell them about Operation Family Safe and Operation Back our Blue (aka Backstop). Your actions show your willingness to step up, physically, and put yourself at risk against potential cop killers and terrorists. So when you say you will be there when they need you, they will know it is real, not just talk. And by stepping up to protect people against terrorists, we win the hearts and minds of the people and gain credibility when it comes to them listening to what we have to say about following the Constitution and will listen when we criticize the actions of public servants who violate it.

You want new blood in your chapters? They are at these public rallies and marches, whether they be pro-Trump, Anti-sharia, pro-free speech, pro-police, or in the name of some other patriot cause. These are the people who are still active, who have not gone to sleep just because Trump was elected. The causes themselves are just and deserve our support, but this is also a wonderful outreach and recruitment opportunity too. I highly recommend you print up hundreds of fliers providing information on your state chapter and any local upcoming meetings (or schedule one in the nearby area for within a week of the rally) so people know who you are, how to reach you, and when the next meeting is.


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