Honoring Unforgotten Heroes Ceremony

Posted by Edward Durfee at October 4, 2017


Event Details

A Remembrance ceremony will be held to honor the 241/270 who were lost in Beirut, Lebanon between 1982-1984.

Keynote speakers:

• Admiral “ACE” Lyons, Jr USN retired

• The Honorable Dr. Herbert London

This is an open invitation ceremony will commence On October 23rd 2017 at 1:00 pm on the steps of the Bergen county Sheriff’s office and courthouse at the sight of the “Bergen County Veteran’s Memorial Monument”.

As our forefathers declared their honor, fortunes and allegiance to the creation of this great nation, it is in their memory that we salute all those who have given their last full measure of life and allegiance.


It will be held at the Hall of Heroes in which is located at the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office on Court St. Hackensack NJ.

The ceremony will begin at 1300 which will be,followed by food and soda/water .


Let’s show respect for OUR fallen heroes. These heroes were victims of the perhaps the first of modern day terrorist attacks.

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